BTN (Behind The News) – Marngrook Footy

  1. Briefly explain how the game of Aussie Rules was invented.
  2. Some people say that Aussie rules may have been based on which sport played by Indigenous people?
  3. What does Marngrook mean in the Gunditjmara language?
  4. The ball in Marngrook is made of  – a.Possum skin b.Kangaroo skin c. Cow hide
  5. About how many players are there on each team?
  6. Finish the following sentence: In a game of Marngrook, the winner is the person who…
  7. In Djab Warrung language the word mumarkke means what?
  8. What was surprising about the story?

Literacy: Glossary Task

A glossary is an alphabetical list of terms about a particular topic that also provides the definitions for those terms. Traditionally, a glossary appears at the end of a book and includes terms within that book that are either newly introduced or uncommon.

Using these words, related to our Science unit, create your own glossary in your Language book.

planet, moon, star, orbit, energy, movement, space, solar, atmosphere, axis, scale, environment

Remember that our glossary definitions need to relate to our Science inquiry unit!

BTN (Behind The News) – Understanding Space

Click on the link above and view the BtN story ‘Understanding Space’. Once you’ve watched the story you need to complete the following comprehension questions in your language book.

  1. What is the BTN story investigating?
  2. How many planets are there in our solar system?
  3. Our solar system is just one of more than ________solar systems in the Milky Way.
  4. Finish the following sentence: The Milky Way is just one of hundreds of billions of…
  5. Where does Martin work?
  6. How does Martin explain the centre of the universe?
  7. How is space like the surface of a balloon?
  8. What was surprising about this story?
  9. Name three things you learnt watching this story.

Leadership Presentation

This task is to research, prepare and present a 2 – 3 minute prepared speech for the class.Your talk must be informative, well researched, carefully prepared using palm cards with 1 recording of your speech on your iPad.Choose a topic that interests you and use a number of resources to inform you.

leadership timeline

Scroll along the timeline and find an event to investigate.  The picture above is a screen capture from the timeline. I have used this as an example of an event you may wish to investigate further. Choose something that is of interest to you and be prepared to ‘tell’ not read about your chosen event to the grade. Your iPad is to be used for research not publishing. You may need to visit other sites to gather more information about your event.

BTN (Behind The News) – Parliament House

Click on the link above to view the BtN story ‘Parliament House’. Once you’ve watched the story you need to answer the comprehension questions in your Language book.

  • Don’t forget to proof read and edit your writing.
Discussion Questions
1. Where in Australia is Parliament House?
2. The House of Representatives is also known as the ________ house.
3. Apart from federal members who else can sit in the House of Representatives?
4. Describe the purpose of Question Time.
5. What does it mean when the speaker says ‘order’?
6. How many senators are there in the Senate?
a. 56
b. 76
c. 106
7. What happens in the Prime Minister’s sitting room?
8. How much does the flag on top of Parliament House weigh?
9. Describe what the Parliament House building is designed to look like.
10. Can you name two past Australian Prime Ministers?

BTN (Behind The News) – Australian Prime Ministers

Once you have viewed this BtN story you need to summarise (in your own words of course!) what this story was about. Your summary should be detailed (like your summaries in your Literature Circles books) and should include paragraphs. It should also include the answer to some (not all) of the questions below.

How many years was Robert Menzies Australia’s prime minister?
Robert Menzies was best known for starting the Labor Party. True or false?
What big changes did John Howard make while he was prime minister?
In what decade was Bob Hawke prime minister?
a. 70s
b. 80s
c. 90s
Complete this sentence. Bob Hawke has gained the highest public _________ poll rating of a prime minster ever.
Who challenged Bob Hawke’s leadership?
What is a ‘leadership spill’?
Give an example of a prime minister that has had their leadership challenged.
What happened to prime minister Harold Holt?
How did Gough Whitlam lose his job as Australia’s prime minister?

You can write your summary into your language book.

Preferential Voting

Preferential Voting

Just to remind you of the preferential voting system you can watch these clips again if you wish.

Your task this week is to put together your own voting slip to determine

your peers’ preferences on a particular item.

You could do footy teams, favourite movies/ songs/ footwear/ hobbies/

animals/ sporting legends…… original as we don’t want 20 of the same survey.

Use this link to create your own ballot form- remembering to change the number of preferences if you like.

  make your selection of ‘candidates’- flavours, sports, songs, people etc.   Then select ‘Create ballot paper’


We will share your voting slips to work out the resulted.

Using the preferential voting system you may be surprised by the outcomes.


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