Click on the link below.

Using the Melway Online you need to locate these Melbourne landmarks on the map at write the grid references.

  1. Melbourne Cricket Ground
  2. Parliament House
  3. Etihad Stadium
  4. The Old Melbourne Gaol
  5. Melbourne Museum
  6. Queen Victoria Market
  7. Melbourne Star
  8. Flinders Street Station

Write each of the locations and their grid references into your maths book.

Literacy: Compound Words

Word Detective: Compound Words

‘A compound word is a combination of two or more words that function as a single unit of meaning.’

Today you’re going to create a list of compound words.

You will need to write the words into your language workbook. Your list must include at least twenty words on it.

CHALLENGE: How many compound words can you think of that relate to our Space inquiry unit?

BTN (Behind The News)- Understanding Space

Click on the link above and view the BtN story ‘Understanding Space’. Once you’ve watched the story you need to complete the following comprehension questions in your language book.

  1. What is the BTN story investigating?
  2. How many planets are there in our solar system?
  3. Our solar system is just one of more than ________solar systems in the Milky Way.
  4. Finish the following sentence: The Milky Way is just one of hundreds of billions of…
  5. Where does Martin work?
  6. How does Martin explain the centre of the universe?
  7. How is space like the surface of a balloon?
  8. What was surprising about this story?
  9. Name three things you learnt watching this story.
  10. Illustrate an aspect of this story.

Literacy Task: The Planets

View each of the images, below, displaying information about ‘The Planets’. Read all of the information and answer the following comprehension questions.

Questions: (To be completed in your Language Books)

  1. Why do you think Uranus and Neptune were the last planets to be discovered?
  2. Using the written and visual information on these cards and your own knowledge, write a brief definition of what a planet is.
  3. There are currently 8 planets in our solar system, but there used to be 9! What happened to Pluto?
  4. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, but Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system. Why do you think this is the case?
  5. For each of the 8 planets in our solar system write one or two facts about it.


Welcome to Term 3

Welcome to term 3.

I hope you had a fantastic school holiday break.

To begin the term we’re going to have a think back to all the experiences you enjoyed during the holidays. To do this you are going to create a ‘ranking ladder’ of your 6 favourite activities, ranked from your most favourite (number 1) to your sixth most favourite. For each activity  you rank you need to write a short (no more than a paragraph) text about the experience.

Ranking Ladder Activity

BTN (Behind The News) – Don’t Panic

Click on the link above to view the BtN clip on Natural Disasters ‘Don’t Panic’. Once you have viewed the clip you will need to answer the discussion questions into your language book.

Discussion Questions

1. Explain how you might react in a natural disaster. Write this as a paragraph.
2. Brainstorm a list of natural disasters.
3. Name the ABC science show that tested families in an emergency.
4. What does the Matthews’s family fill up with water to prepare their house for a bushfire?
a. Bath
b. Kitchen sink
c. Water tank
5. Why is it important to look online or check the radio during a natural disaster?
6. Why might kids be better at coping with a cyclone emergency than adults?
7. It is safe to drive through flood water. True or false?
8. Why is it important to have an emergency plan and be prepared for a disaster?
9. Make a list of items that you would put in a home emergency survival kit. Compare it to your survival kit you created at school.
10. List your school’s evacuation areas.

Natural Disasters – Inspiration

To complete our Natural Disasters Inquiry we’re going to go back to our Natural Disaster Inspiration from the beginning of term.

You task is to add all the information you have learned about Natural Disasters to your inspiration mind map. To differentiate between your previous information and your new understandings you will need to make all the new information either the same colour OR have each bubble be the same shape (this shape should be different from the shape of bubbles you’ve already done!).

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