BTN (Behind The News) – World News 2018

Click on the link above the view the BtN story ‘World News 2018’. Once you have viewed the story you need to complete the following discussion questions in your language book.

    1. Which world leader did US President and North Korea’s leader meet with this year?
    2. Name one natural disaster that has occurred in the world this year.
    3. In which country are there 11 million kids facing famine because of war?
    4. Why was a Thai boys soccer team in the news in 2018?
    5. Complete this sentence. Many countries commemorated the end of World War _____.
    6. A probe was sent on a mission to get closer to the…
    7. a. Sun b. Moon c. Saturn

G. What internet search engine turned 20 this year?

H. What wedding was televised for everyone to see this year?

I. Which world news story would you like to know more about? Why?

BTN (Behind The News) – Aussie News 2018

Click on the link above and view the BtN story ‘Aussie News 2018’. Once you’ve watched the story you need to complete the following discussion questions in your language book.

  1. In 2018 an Aussie found some secret files and passed them on to the ABC. Where did he find the files?
  2. Who was Prime Minister before Scott Morrison?
  3. Why was there a debate about sharks this year?
  4. The NSW Government decided not to cull brumbies to control wild horse numbers. True or false?
  5. What disease was declared eliminated from Australia this year?
  6. How much money is Australia putting towards its space industry? a. 4 million b. 40 million c. 400 million
  7. Which country was the Australian cricket team playing against when it was caught breaking the rules during a test match this year?
  8. Why did strawberries and honey feature in the Aussie news this year?
  9. What member of the royal family founded the Invictus Games?
  10. What sporting event was advertised on the Sydney Opera House?

Literature Circles – Book Review

To conclude our Literature Circles sessions for the term you are going to to write a review of your book. You need to include; your book’s title, author, a summary of the story (don’t give away the ending!), and a rating out of five. Your summary should include – where the story is set, who are some of the main characters and what is the complication in the story.

You need to draft and proof read and edit your review before you publish it as a comment on this post. You should read through your summaries in your workbook to help you write your review!

We’re off to…Seaworld!!!

All the grade 5’s are off to Sea World!!!!!!!!!! Well… on our iPad’s anyway ;)

This week we will be learning about location and how to write directions. Your task is to imagine that the grade 5 team have taken you on a trip to Sea World for the day. You have to choose a starting point on your map where you will begin. Then you need to choose 10 different rides/attractions at Sea World to visit. They need to be in a logical order, you can’t be running around from one side of Sea World to the other. Once you have chosen your 10 attractions you need to write directions as to how to get to each spot. Make sure you use road names, landmarks, co-ordinates and other locational words to help you.

Download the Sea World map here:

Sea World Park Map

Challenge: Are you up for the challenge?

Your day begins at 10am and finishes at 5pm. The average time to wait for a ride at Sea World is 15 minutes. The average time you will spend at each ride is 5 minutes. The average time you will spend at each attraction is 20 minutes. The average time it takes to walk to each attraction is 3 minutes. You will need to stop for lunch for 1 hour. This can be any time during the day. You will need to write this in your directions as to where to go for lunch.

Work out your day at Sea World by choosing an attraction/ride to start with. Then when writing directions you will also need to write down the time spent, and how long it is going to take you to get around. How many rides/attractions can you fit into one day?

How Mean are you?

That is ‘mean’ as in mean mean (average)!

For this task you will need to click on the link below and choose your favourite AFL team then complete the tasks listed below.

1. Using your team’s players heights you need to find the range.

2. Using your team’s heights you need to find the mode.

3. Using the player’s heights find the median.

4. Choose six/seven/eight players heights and find the mean. CHALLENGE: Find the mean for all the players heights.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 3.55.11 PM

BTN (Behind The News) – Spacesuit History

Click on the link above to view the BtN story ‘Spacesuit History’. After viewing the story you need to answer the following comprehension questions into your language book. Remember to write both the question and the answer and answer in full sentences.

1. What was the main point of the Spacesuit History story.
2. Why do astronauts wear spacesuits?
3. What keeps astronauts cool?
4. Spacesuits are made of about how many different layers?
5. When was the first spacesuit worn by an astronaut in space?
6. What design features did the spacesuit worn by Neil Armstrong for the Apollo mission have?
7. Describe in detail the spacesuit created by Elon Musk.
8. What do people think about the design?
9. Create a timeline showing important moments in spacesuit development.
10. Name three things you learnt watching the BTN story.

Mars Rovers

Using the grid paper provided and a pencil – draw a detailed sketch of what you think the 2020 rover will look like. Remember to include labels in your sketch!

Think about how it travels over the rough terrain, sends and receives messages, collects samples and how it is powered. Don’t forget to use a ruler!

When you have completed your sketch in pencil you can go over it in fineliner and make it look like a blueprint.

CHALLENGE: Once you have completed your design for your Mars Rover you can then design a different rover for a different planet of your choosing.

I Wish I’d Gone to the Moon with Neil Armstrong…

I Wish I’d Gone to the Moon with Neil Armstrong…

Dedicate a double page spread to people connected to space and space discoveries.

Your first mini ‘bio’ (biography) will be dedicated to Neil Armstrong. Use a template of a person and trace around the shape and turn it into an image of Neil Armstrong.

After the teacher has read the picture story book ‘I Wish I’d Gone to the Moon with Neil Armstrong’ you have some idea who Neil is.

Continue your investigation into Neil Armstrong to see what else you can discover about this amazing man. Write his ‘bio’  beside his template picture.

Visit more than one site to collect your information.

BTN (Behind The News) – Armistice 100 Years

Click on the link below to view the BtN story of your choice.

TASK ONE – Once you have watched the story to will need to click on the link for the discussion questions and then answer the questions in your language book.

TASK TWO – Choose a second story that interests you and write a summary of the BtN explaining what the story is about, why is this significant and also concluding with your own feelings on focus of the story.

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