Financial Maths – Money Investigation

Complete each of these open ended Maths questions into your Maths grid book. Remember that for some of these questions there are more than one answer! In the event that there is more than one answer you will need to present each of the different answers.

  1. I want to take $100 out of the bank. What are the different ways that I can ask for this amount of notes?
  2. You are spending 5 nights away on holiday. You have $500 for your accommodation. Where could you stay? (see below)

TOP CLASS HOTEL: $300 per night

4 STAR HOTEL: $225 per night

3 STAR HOTEL: $100 per night

2 STAR HOTEL: $60 per night


For this question you need to show 3 different ways to organise your accommodation.

3. Work out all of the different ways I can make $1 using coins.

4. Watch the linked BtN story –

Once you’ve viewed the story you need need to answer the following questions.

  • If you could change one of the notes currently in use to a coin, which one would you choose? Why?
  • If you could change one of the notes currently in use (not the $5 note) to a new design, what would it look like? Why did you choose this note and what new features would you add?

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