Chance Investigation

Complete each of these open ended Maths questions into your Maths grid book. Remember that for some of these questions there are more than one answer! In the event that there is more than one answer you will need to present each of the different answers.

  1. A new family is moving into the house next door to you. You’ve been told that the family has five children but you do not know if they are boys or girls. What might the gender of the children in the family be?
  2. A toy manufacturer wants to design dice where the chance of throwing a ‘red’ is 1/2. What might the dice look like?
  3. Your sibling is always complaining that it always rains on their birthday. When might their birthday be? Give reasons for your response.
  4. I chose five balls from a bag of balls without looking. I noticed that there were three red and two blue. What might the colour of the balls in the bag be and how many balls might there be?
  5. CHALLENGE: I have 30 socks in my drawer and the are different colours. They are 12 black, 10 blue, 2 brown and 6 grey socks. If I close my eyes and pull socks out at random, how many socks must I pull out before I can be certain to have a matching pair?

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