BTN (Behind The News) – Don’t Panic

Click on the link above to view the BtN clip on Natural Disasters ‘Don’t Panic’. Once you have viewed the clip you will need to answer the discussion questions into your language book.

Discussion Questions

1. Brainstorm a list of natural disasters.
2. Name the ABC science show that tested families in an emergency.
3. What does the Matthews’s family fill up with water to prepare their house for a bushfire?
a. Bath
b. Kitchen sink
c. Water tank
4. Why is it important to look online or check the radio during a natural disaster?
5. Why might kids be better at coping with a cyclone emergency than adults?
6. It is safe to drive through flood water. True or false?
7. Why is it important to have an emergency plan and be prepared for a disaster?
8. Make a list of items that you would put in a home emergency survival kit. Compare it to your survival kit you created at school.

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