BTN (Behind The News) – Australian Prime Ministers

Once you have viewed this BtN story you need to summarise (in your own words of course!) what this story was about. Your summary should be detailed (like your summaries in your Literature Circles books) and should include paragraphs. It should also include the answer to some (not all) of the questions below.

How many years was Robert Menzies Australia’s prime minister?
Robert Menzies was best known for starting the Labor Party. True or false?
What big changes did John Howard make while he was prime minister?
In what decade was Bob Hawke prime minister?
a. 70s
b. 80s
c. 90s
Complete this sentence. Bob Hawke has gained the highest public _________ poll rating of a prime minster ever.
Who challenged Bob Hawke’s leadership?
What is a ‘leadership spill’?
Give an example of a prime minister that has had their leadership challenged.
What happened to prime minister Harold Holt?
How did Gough Whitlam lose his job as Australia’s prime minister?

You can write your summary into your language book.

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