We’re off to…Seaworld!!!


All the grade 5’s are off to Sea World!!!!!!!!!! Well… on our iPad’s anyway ;)

This week we will be learning about location and how to write directions. Your task is to imagine that the grade 5 team have taken you on a trip to Sea World for the day. You have to choose a starting point on your map where you will begin. Then you need to choose 10 different rides/attractions at Sea World to visit. They need to be in a logical order, you can’t be running around from one side of Sea World to the other. Once you have chosen your 10 attractions you need to write directions as to how to get to each spot. Make sure you use road names, landmarks, co-ordinates and other locational words to help you.

Download the Sea World map here:

Sea World Park Map

Challenge: Are you up for the challenge?

Your day begins at 10am and finishes at 5pm. The average time to wait for a ride at Sea World is 15 minutes. The average time you will spend at each ride is 5 minutes. The average time you will spend at each attraction is 20 minutes. The average time it takes to walk to each attraction is 3 minutes. You will need to stop for lunch for 1 hour. This can be any time during the day. You will need to write this in your directions as to where to go for lunch.

Work out your day at Sea World by choosing an attraction/ride to start with. Then when writing directions you will also need to write down the time spent, and how long it is going to take you to get around. How many rides/attractions can you fit into one day?

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