BTN (Behind The News) – World News 2018

Click on the link above the view the BtN story ‘World News 2018’. Once you have viewed the story you need to complete the following discussion questions in your language book.

    1. Which world leader did US President and North Korea’s leader meet with this year?
    2. Name one natural disaster that has occurred in the world this year.
    3. In which country are there 11 million kids facing famine because of war?
    4. Why was a Thai boys soccer team in the news in 2018?
    5. Complete this sentence. Many countries commemorated the end of World War _____.
    6. A probe was sent on a mission to get closer to the…
    7. a. Sun b. Moon c. Saturn

G. What internet search engine turned 20 this year?

H. What wedding was televised for everyone to see this year?

I. Which world news story would you like to know more about? Why?

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