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BTN (Behind The News) – Gold Rush

Click on the link above to view the BtN story ‘Gold Rush’. Once you have viewed the story you need to complete the following questions into your language book. You need to present your work with the questions and the answers.

  1. When was gold first found in Australia?
  2. Describe what happened after the first discovery.
  3. Why do gold mines close?
  4. Describe the different ways gold was mined.
  5. `If the costs outweighed the benefits the mine would close’. What are the costs and benefits of mining gold?
  6. Why are they now opening some gold mines again?
  7. What has happened to the price of gold recently?
  8. Why are some people against mines being re-opened?
  9. Illustrate an aspect of the Gold rush story.
  10. Name three facts you learnt in the Gold rush story.

Australian Explorers

Click on the link below to view a website on Australian Explorers.

Choose one of the explorers to research using this website and at least one other site. (Remember to reference your websites)

Create a Pages document with your research of your explorer.

Information to research:

When and where was your explorer born?

What were some of the expeditions that your explorer went on? Where did they explore?

What were some of your explorers major achievements? (Focus on their exploration)

What happened to your explorer?

Find an image of your explorer to include in your Pages presentation – must be referenced


Find an image of a map of Australia (referenced) and import it into Explain Everything. On the map draw the route taken by your explorer as they explored inland/coastal Australia.

Finally include this image in your Pages presentation



In the footsteps of Burke & Wills

Read the news article IN FOOTSTEPS OF BURKE AND WILLS. After reading the article answer the following questions.

Why is Harry undertaking this journey?

Who will accompany Harry on his journey?

What distance will Harry travel?

What does this sentence mean……. Robert O’Hara Burke and William John Wills began their ill fated trip in 1860.

What sort of hardships will Harry and his animals have to endure?

On the link below you can research what was taken on the expedition.  Will Harry take the same supplies?  Perhaps he will stop at KFC instead?????

Research what supplies were taken on the original expedition and suggest alternatives for Harry to take with him.  Make two lists   THEN      NOW

Splash – Early Explorers


Discussion Questions:

Notice what happens when another ship is first sighted from a distance.

How do the sailors react?

What do they do next?

How does the situation change when they know where the other ship comes from?

Find ‘Encounter Bay’ on a map of South Australia.

Can you suggest why Flinders chose this name? (Hint: find the meaning of ‘encounter’.)


The clip shows many other places named by Baudin at this time such as ‘Terre Napoleon’ and ‘Baie des Mornes’.

Can you find these places on a modern map?

Why do you think this is the case?

Can you find any other place names around Encounter Bay and Kangaroo Island that might be related to Baudin’s and Flinders’s voyage.

Think about the conversation between the two captains on board Baudin’s ship? Each explorer has different priorities (things they think are most important). List these priorities. As expedition leaders why might they think one thing is more important than another?

Early Explorers

Early Explorers



Start a new slide on your Keynote ‘How Australia Became A Nation.’

Heading – Burke and Wills

Answer the questions from the text in detail. You can use images to add some pictures to your slides, but you need to reference them.

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BTN (Behind The News) – Maritime Past

Click on the link above to view the BtN story ‘Maritime Past’, Once you’ve watched the story you need to complete the task below.


On the sheet of A3 paper provided draw a simple illustration of a ship that was used to transport people to Australia in the early 19th century. Using the information from the BTN clip label your boat and include interesting facts about traveling on these vessels during this time.

BTN (Behind The News) – First Fleet

Click on the link above to view the BtN story ‘The First Fleet’. Once you have watched the story you need to complete the following questions in your Language books. Remember to answer each question with either the question AND the answer or the question IN the answer.

1. When is Australia Day?
2. Describe life in Britain in the 1700s.
3. Why were prisoners transported to the colonies? Where were the English colonies? Why were convicts sent to Australia and not the other colonies?
4. What sorts of crimes were committed by people who were transported?
5.How many ships transported convicts in the First Fleet?
6. What do you think life would have been like on board the ships in the First Fleet?
7. New _______________ was the name give to mainland Australia.
8. Complete the following sentences-
  • I learned that…
  • I enjoyed/did not enjoy…
  • I want to know more about…
  • I was surprised to discover that…

9. Our Inquiry unit focuses on Australia from 1800 to 1900. The First Fleet arrived in 1788, why do you think watching this BTN is a useful place to start our Inquiry?

BTN (Behind The News) – Episode 1 2018

Click on the link below to access the first BtN episode for 2018.

Select episode one to watch.

To view individual stories from this episode scroll down to the stories list further down the page.


Complete an Inspiration Map using KEY WORDS from one of the BtN stories you watched.

Using Pages complete the following activities.

  1. Choose one story and write a detailed report about the content. You may add further research from the Internet.
  2. Screen capture app buttons used for Social Media. e.g Twitter.  How many do you know?
  3. Give your opinion. ‘Should Social Media be accessible to children under 13 years of age?”  Support your opinion.
  4. List the sports at the Winter Olympics
  5. Write the profile you would give those viewing your internet use. Name, Age, interests
  6. What products would pop up on your screen that match your profile?

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