Term Two Literacy: Week 4

Literacy Rotation Instructions

Teacher Group – W4T2-Teacher-Group

Group Learning Task – w4t2GLT

Grammar Task – W4T2GrammarSpelling

* Remember you will need to use the root word dictionary from last week’s Literacy Rotations for the Grammar task.


Term Two Literacy: Week 3

Grammar Task:

To be completed on the worksheet provided and stuck into your English workbook once completed and checked.

Root word Dictionary RootWords Spelling Chart Example

Root word Dictionary

Comprehension Task:

To be completed in your English workbook.


Similies Activity:

To be completed on the provided worksheet and stuck into your English workbook once completed and checked.


Holiday Ranking Ladder Activity:

Now that we’ve returned from our holidays for term two we’d like you to present your favourite activities/events from your holiday. Complete a ranking ladder (example here: Ranking Ladder) showing your six favourite things from your holidays. You need to remember to give reasons WHY these events are your favourites. Complete this task on your iPad using an app of your choice.

Integrated Studies tasks for Literacy Rotations. Weeks 5 & 6.

Task One: A Federal Parliamentary Election

Read through the text and complete the task into your English book. You will need to rule up your own chart.

Federal Parliamentary Election

Task Two: Role of the Prime Minister

Read the text about the roles and responsibilities of the Prime Minister. Then you need to summarise the information into your English book. CHALLENGE: Research who the Australian Prime Ministers are who are NOT listed on the sheet.

Role of the PM



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