Literature Circles

What is a Literature Circle?

A literature circle is a small group of students that are reading the same book.

How does a Literature Circle group work?

Groups meet regularly to discuss the part of the book they have agreed to read up to. Each student has a different role in these discussions and they take turns to share their completed tasks. These roles rotate each session. Each session is led by ‘Discussion Director’ who prepares questions to promote comprehension of the text and guides discussion.


When the group completes their text they prepare a Showcase to present their reading journey to the whole class. In the past, students have celebrated their text by acting out a scene, designing a 3D model, creating an advertisement for the book or giving a multimedia presentation…the sky is the limit!

How will your group celebrate the text..?

Literature Circle roles

Lit Circles Roles Posters

Tips for presenting your role:

Tips for presenting roles

Habits of the Mind (for HOM Character Analyser role):

Habits of the Mind

1 Comment on Literature Circles

  1. Lucas
    August 27, 2015 at 11:57 pm (4 years ago)

    To Mr. Smith,

    Pig City: Louis Sachar

    Laura is the main character of the book, it’s starts of with Laura going to a garage sale with her best friends, Tiffany and Allison. Laura decides to buy a cap, it was $1.00 but Laura got is for 50¢, the shop owner said you can have it for half price for being so pretty. What the cap had said on it was, PIG CITY.

    That is how the club, Pig City began! Now Pig City has nothing got to do with pigs, it’s just called Pig City. Laura, is the president of Pig City, she wears her PIG CITY cap to school every day. Laura wished to be the president or be a pig farmer when she is older.

    When Nathan and Aaron join Pig City, Laura thinks of some ideas for insurance, then she eventually finds insurance for both of them with Allison and Tiffany agreeing. For Aaron, he had to sing a silly song about himself, and for Nathan, he had to write an awfully mean note to Mr. Doyle!

    Mr. Doyle is the teacher of Laura’s class, Laura has written on the blackboard things about pigs (eg. Pigs are punctilious! Pigs rule!). Every time Laura writes something on the board, Mr. Doyle would write how many Dictionary pages Laura would have to write out (Mr. Doyle didn’t know who Laura was writing it the whole time). Mr. Doyle’s punishment is writing dictionary pages.

    When Aaron and Nathan join the club, they are just like the other people that joined Pig City! Gabriel forms Monkey Town with Sheila and Howard after the fight with Laura, what will happen when Jonathan and Yolanda after the fight with Monkey Town?

    When Yolanda joins Pig City, she tells her best friend Karen! What will happen to Yolanda? Read the AWESOME book for full information, you’ll find the answers!

    I really enjoyed this book and out of five stars I would give it five.

    From Lucas.


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