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Camp Reflection Task

Now we are back at school following our fantastic week’s camping in Halls Gap, we need to reflect on the experience.

Please complete the following task and send it as a comment for this post.

1. What were your favourite SIX camp activities? Rank them in order from your most favourite (number one) to your sixth most favourite (number six).

2. For each of the activities write a few sentences explaining WHY each of your six listed activities was a favourite of yours.

3. Vote on our grade blog poll ‘What was your favourite camp activity?’. It is on the right hand side of the blog front page. Remember you can only vote once!

Camp 2013

The 2013 Grade 5 Camp is almost upon us!

With just one week to go before we depart for Halls Gap what are you are most looking forward to at camp this year? Is it a particular activity, a special event or something else?

Remember to keep up to date with our camp preparations through the G5 Camp page.