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BTN (Behind The News) – Rookie Videos


During Reading Groups you are going to be watching a series of BTN Rookie Reporter Training videos. These videos help break down what it takes to make a BTN news report.

During this session you are to watch TWO videos and complete the following activities:

Choosing a Story:

Watch the BTN training video “Choosing a Story”. Once you have finished watching you need to write a 1 paragraph ‘pitch’ in your workbook. Your task is to pitch a video to BTN based on your CBL project from last term. In the video they use sustainability as an example. Think about what your CBL project was about and write a pitch to BTN about why they should show this story.

Script Writing:

Watch the BTN training video “Script Writing”. When writing your script the most important thing to remember is the visual image or picture you attach to it. When the grade 5 team gave you the CBL pitch video we used a lot of images that linked in to our CBL topic.

Your task is to gather 5 images from the internet (with references of course!) that you could use in a BTN video about your CBL video that you pitched in the previous task. Put these into a pages document with the image reference.

Click on the picture to access the BTN videos :)

CBL Event

On Wednesday the 13th of September, Paris, Jarryd, Natasha and Daniel from 5M are holding an event in the community centre. They are running a program called ‘Illuminate’ which is a live chat program. They are getting a person from the Melbourne Zoo and he is going to make a presentation over live chat. Our goal is to get people to not throw their rubbish on the ground so that animals in the water don’t choke on it and die.

Paris, Jarryd, Natasha and Daniel from 5M

Challenge Based Learning Event

Dear all grade fives,

Bayley, Tunan and Alice are running a rubbish reducing event. We are running it on the 5th of September, Thursday. Participate in this event to help your grade win. The winning grade will receive a certificate with Mrs Batchelor’s and Mr Reeve’s signature on it.

In order to compete in this event, you must bring the least amount of rubbish as possible. Your teachers will be recording the amount of non-wrappers you bring. Good luck!

From Alice, Bayley and Tunan.

Challenge Based Learning

Today the grade 5 students at Apollo kick started their very first Challenge Based Learning task!

This morning we all got together and watched the pitch video. This sparked a lot of discussion about how humans have affected the environment!

Our Big Idea

Global Balance

Our essential question

How have humans affected the Australian environment?

Your challenge

Improve your impact on the environment

The Pitch Video

CBL Pitch – Global Balance from Amy Anderson on Vimeo.

How have you found CBL so far?

How is it different to the other integrated units we have done so far?