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BTN (Behind The News) – Snowy Mountain Scheme


Click on the link above and view the BtN story ‘Snowy Mountain Scheme’. Once you’ve completed watching the story answer the following questions in your English book.

1. What was the main point of the BtN Snowy Mountains Scheme story?
2. Which list has the Snowy Mountains Scheme been added to?
3. In which year did construction of the Snowy Mountains Scheme begin?
4. Briefly explain the scheme (At least a paragraph).
5. What were some concerns people had about the scheme?
6. How long did it take to complete?
7. Many of the people working on the scheme were __________________.
8. Why did the workers come from Europe?
9. What were the working and living conditions like?
10. What impact did the scheme have on Australia?

BTN (Behind The News) – Census Changes

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 11.22.50 am
View this BTN story then answer the following questions in your English book.
1. Currently, how often does Australia hold the census?
2. What change does the Australian government want to make to the census?
3. The census collects ______________ ______ every person in Australia.
4. In which year did Australia first hold the census?
a.1811 b. 1911 c. 2011
5. Make a list of the sort of information that the census collects.
6. How can Australians fill out the census?
7. The census is not a compulsory survey for all Australians. True or false?
8. What sort of questions are optional in the census?
9. Explain why the census is important for the government.
10. Why does the government want to make the census every 10 years?

BTN (Behind The News) – Chinese Migration

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 8.46.41 am

Complete the following questions in your English book:

Discussion Questions

1. Discuss the Chinese Migration story with another student.

2. Who is Anna’s great, great, great Grandfather?

3. He came to Australia from _____________ in ______________.

4. What work did he do when he first arrived in Australia?

5. Where in New South Wales did he set up lots of businesses?

6. Why did many Chinese immigrants come to Australia in the 1850s?

7. What would life have been like for Chinese migrants when they first arrived in Australia?

8. About how many people of Chinese background live in Australia today?

9. How has the town of Wentworth honoured John Egge?

10. In your own words, describe the contribution Chinese migrants have made to Australia.

BTN (Behind The News) – Population Debate

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 12.19.22 pm

Watch this BTN story then answer the questions in your English book.

Discussion Questions

1. Summarise the BtN Population debate story.

2. How much has Australia’s population grown in the last 50 years?

3. If the population keeps growing at its current rate, it will be______ by 2050.

4. What factors affect a growing population?

5. Why were people encouraged to move to Australia?

6. What sorts of incentives were offered?

7. Describe the different groups wanting to migrate to Australia now?

8. What are the benefits of a growing population?

9. What are some disadvantages?

10. What do you understand more clearly since watching the BtN story?

BTN (Behind the News) – Mabo Day

Click on the link below and answer the following questions.

Discussion Questions
1.    What date do we celebrate Mabo day?
2.    What is the full name of the man who took on the Australian legal system to fight a land rights injustice?
3.    Where was Mabo born?
4.    Why was he fighting for the land rights of Murray Island?
5.    What does the term Terra Nullius mean?
6.    What was the name of the court case?
7.    Mabo wasn’t just fighting for the Meriam people. Why was Mabo an important case for Australian Indigenous people?
8.    What year did the High Court make its decision on the Mabo land rights case?

9.    How did this story make you feel?

10. Name three things you learnt from watching the Mabo Day BtN story.