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BTN (Behind The News) – GST Changes

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Click on the above link to view the BTN story and then answer the following questions on your iPad using the ‘Keynote’ app.

1. In your own words, describe what tax is.
2. What are taxes used for?
3. What does GST stand for?
4. Name three products that you don’t pay GST on.
5. Which products do you buy that have GST on them?
6. What is the difference between goods and services?
7. GST makes up ____% of the price we pay for things.
8. What changes might the government make to the GST?
9. Why is the government thinking of making the changes?
10. Name three things you learnt watching the GST Changes story.

After watching the BtN story on the GST, conduct your own research into Australia’s Goods & Services Tax. Record your findings onto another page of your Keynote presentation. Remember to reference where you found your information.

Biography Writing

Now that you are close to completing your research of your chosen leader it is time to begin to write their biography.

Using the sample below as a guide you can begin writing using all of your research to support you.


  • The introduction introduces your topic
  • A biography is chronological
  • You need to include many details of your person’s life to explain how they worked towards their significant achievements
  • Your conclusion explains what your leader is doing now OR what they are remembered for
  • Make your writing interesting (include adjectives)
  • Remember to proof-read and edit your writing for correct spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Quality Work!

Bio Sample

Local Government Research Task

 You have new neighbours living next door and they are completely new to the area. They have asked you for assistance and it is your job to come up with all the essential information they need for your area. Your new neighbours the Bryce family are a family of 6, Mum Sally (who is pregnant with a baby due soon) and Dad Larry, 13 year old Frank, 8 year old Mya, 4 year old Gus and Grandma Zinia.

Your local council is responsible for many of the services that the Bryce family will need. These services may include rubbish collection, kindergartens, senior-citizen services etc. Using the website of your local council, collect all the information you can for the Bryce family.

Local Council Services & Responsibilities

Visit the Nillumbik Council Website and make a list of the services offered by the Council.

Can you identify any services that you or your family have used?

What are some of the issues that a Local Council might have to deal with? (e.g. parking, rubbish, pets).


Extension: visit the websites of some other councils (Whittlesea Shire Council, Banyule Council, Manningham Council) and compare the services offered by these councils to Nillumbik. Are there similarities? Differences? Can you think of any reasons why the services offered might be different?

Character Captain – Little Lunch

This week we are starting to examine the Literature Circle roles. The first one is Character Captain.

Watch this episode of Little Lunch – The Cake Stall and complete the following activities in your Language book:

Select two main characters then:

  • use adjectives to describe at least 4 characteristics of each character
  • draw a picture of each character
  • Find a few characteristics that both characters share and represent this in a Venn diagram.

(You may like to support your ideas with an example taken from your book).


Kid News – Saving the Bacon

Click on the link below to read the article about saving a pet pig called Bacon.

Pet owner saves her beloved pig Bacon – 20 June, 2018

Respond to the article by completing the following activities:

1. Should Mrs Huveneers have been allowed to keep her pet pig?

Think about this question from each of the following viewpoints and give reasons FOR and AGAINST for each. You may get some ideas from the article but you will also have to think as if you were each person (or animal).

  • Mrs Huveneers and her husband
  • The neighbours
  • The local council
  • Bacon or Pigsy (the pet pig)

Present your reasons in a table format:

Perspective Mrs Huveneers and her husband The neighbours The local Council Bacon or Pigsy (the pet pig)
Reasons FOR


2. After looking at this problem from a number of perspectives, what do you believe was the right outcome. Was the council right to let him stay?

Write a letter to the Onkaparinga Council stating your point of view and your reasons for it. As this is a formal letter make sure you address it and set it out correctly and make your points using polite and persuasive language.

BTN (Behind The News) – Mentor Kids

Click on the link above and view the BtN story ‘Mentor Kids’. After you have watched it complete the tasks below.

Imagine you were a “Mentor Kid” at Apollo. You have been assigned to look after a new student who has recently come to Australia as a refugee. Think about what you might do with the new student and draw an illustration of the two of you doing the activity.

Extension: Think about some of the challenges that the new student might have coming to a new school in a new country. List these and come up with some ways you could make things easier for them.

Kids News – World Remembers Nelson Mandela

Click on the link below to view the text of the Kids News story ‘World Remembers Nelson Mandela’. You need to read the story and answer the following 5 comprehension questions at the end of the text in your language book.

1. What date is Nelson Mandela Day?

2. What is the name of the peace prize mentioned in the story? Who did Mr Mandela share it with?

3. What did Mr Obama say at the funeral eulogy?

4. Who is the current president of South Africa?

5. What did the World Bank report say about South Africa?

Once you have completed the 5 comprehension questions you will also need to answer the following extension question into your workbook.

Nelson Mandela worked to help South African children go to school. Why is it important all children have the chance to go to school?

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