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BTN (Behind The News) – Marngrook Footy

  1. Briefly explain how the game of Aussie Rules was invented.
  2. Some people say that Aussie rules may have been based on which sport played by Indigenous people?
  3. What does Marngrook mean in the Gunditjmara language?
  4. The ball in Marngrook is made of  – a.Possum skin b.Kangaroo skin c. Cow hide
  5. About how many players are there on each team?
  6. Finish the following sentence: In a game of Marngrook, the winner is the person who…
  7. In Djab Warrung language the word mumarkke means what?
  8. What was surprising about the story?

Footy Day

On Wednesday September 19th we celebrated our annual ‘Footy Day’ here at school. The students all came along dressed in their favourite footy team colours and completed football based activities. Everyone especially enjoyed the coin trail and also the staff vs students football game, that took place at lunchtime.

5S had a wonderful day!