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Homework Week 6 – Leadership Presentation

Student Leadership Presentation:

For this week’s homework and as part of our leadership investigation you are going to prepare a presentation about yourself and your leadership skills.

Your presentation can be one of the following:

  • A speech
  • A Keynote Presentation
  • An iMovie
  • If you have another idea you need to check with your teacher

Your Presentation should include:

  1. Information about yourself eg: hobbies.
  2. Explain the leadership skills you have and perhaps an example of a time that you’ve used them.
  3. Provide some examples of leadership opportunities that you’ve had. These can include opportunities both at school and outside of school. For example JSC/EC and/or captaining a sport team.
  4. Explain why you would like to be a school leader.

Your presentation should be between 1 and 2 minutes long.

  • Now that you’ve completed your presentation and you are considering applying to be a Grade 6 School Leader in 2018 you may consider using this presentation in support of your application.

DUE: Friday November 24th

Homework Task

 You have two weeks to complete this task.

Due Friday November 17th

The intention of this homework task is to prepare a 2 – 3 minute prepared talk to give to your class.

Your talk must be informative, well researched, carefully prepared using palm cards and include a practice recording of your speech on your iPad.

You will share your recording with a family member before delivering to the class.

Your topic will be one that interests you in the following leadership timeline. To research you will need to use a number of resources to inform you.

Leadership Timeline

Scroll along the timeline and find an event to investigate.  The picture above is a screen capture from the timeline. I have used this as an example of an event you may wish to investigate further. You will be ‘publishing’ an entry for our class timeline. It will be on an A4 piece of cover paper and form part of a banner for the classroom. Choose something that is of interest to you and be prepared to ‘tell’ not read about your chosen event to the grade. Your iPad is to be used for research not publishing. You may need to visit other sites to gather more information about your event.

Your heading needs to include the date.

Homework: Weeks 3 & 4

Your Mathletics and Spellodrome tasks are being monitored by your teacher and activities will be assigned as required.

Additional Spellodrome lists are available to you each week as some students are working their way through additional lists each week. Well done.

Your INQUIRY task needs to be completed each week and be ready to share with the class each Friday.

We will be posting some quality work samples each week to show what can be achieved with some effort. Will yours be next?


Here is your Weird Space Investigation for week 3.

(Prior tasks have been ‘Animals in Space’ and  ‘The International Space Station’.)


Choose a person who has made an interesting contribution to Space.

Make a poster (digital or non-digital) of this person highlighting their contribution/s to SCIENCE, in particular SPACE

We have already done NEIL ARMSTRONG so you cannot choose him. Try and be unique. Can you be the ONLY ONE in all of the Grade 5s to choose your person?



Homework Week 7

For this week’s homework our focus will be on ccompleting the ‘Grand Designs Apollo’ project. This will be due next Tuesday (June 10th).

Students will also need to remember to keep up to date with their Literature Circles reading and summaries. Remember you will still get your four sessions in class. This week will also be the first week of Literature Circles group conferences with your teacher.

Also we are now moving in to the final two weeks of your ‘Decorate My Bedroom’ project. If you need extra time to continue or complete any tasks you can use this week’s homework as an opportunity to work on them.

If you have any questions about any of these tasks please see you teacher.


Homework Now Available

The new 2014 homework is now available. Each week just click on the ‘Homework’ page and the homework will be available. Remember that homework is available each Monday and due the following Monday.

Homework – Now Available

Our weekly homework tasks are now available here on our class blog. All you need to do is to click on the homework page (under the blog banner) and you will find this week’s homework. It will be updated each week.


Holiday Homework

As part of our term four Writing curriculum we will need all the students to collect some items from their holidays to use to assist their writing.

Items can include:

Digital and/or printed photos, movie tickets, holiday souvenirs, pamphlets, brochures etc

Best wishes to all the students in 5S and I hope they all have a happy and safe holiday break.

Mr Smith…

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