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BTN (Behind The News) – Rookie Videos


During Reading Groups you are going to be watching a series of BTN Rookie Reporter Training videos. These videos help break down what it takes to make a BTN news report.

During this session you are to watch TWO videos and complete the following activities:

Choosing a Story:

Watch the BTN training video “Choosing a Story”. Once you have finished watching you need to write a 1 paragraph ‘pitch’ in your workbook. Your task is to pitch a video to BTN based on your CBL project from last term. In the video they use sustainability as an example. Think about what your CBL project was about and write a pitch to BTN about why they should show this story.

Script Writing:

Watch the BTN training video “Script Writing”. When writing your script the most important thing to remember is the visual image or picture you attach to it. When the grade 5 team gave you the CBL pitch video we used a lot of images that linked in to our CBL topic.

Your task is to gather 5 images from the internet (with references of course!) that you could use in a BTN video about your CBL video that you pitched in the previous task. Put these into a pages document with the image reference.

Click on the picture to access the BTN videos :)

BTN (Behind The News) – Rookie Videos

Later this term, you will have the very exciting task of creating your very own BTN Rookie Video. Before this, we will be looking at some of the videos that have already been created by kids your age and learning how to be news reporters and make a very professional video, just like theirs.

Your task in reading groups today is to watch a few of the Rookie Videos by clicking on the link below. Then, in a comment to this post, you will need to write some notes about:

  • The types of stories that have been chosen to report on
  • The way the scripts have be written
  • How the reporters interview people
  • The quality of the video and audio

Can’t wait to here your thoughts!

Grade 4 1 to 1 iPad Task

Grade 4 students leap towards their 1 to 1 iPad adventures


Over the next few weeks, the Grade 5 teachers will be visiting the Grade 4 classrooms with a tub full of surprises…..iPads! The Grade 5 team have prepared two sessions to engage students and explore the multimedia possibilities in a 1 to 1 classroom, but not forgetting to reflect upon important cybersmart protocols. Grade 5, 2013 is only a term away!

The Parent Information night (held in the Community Center at APPS on Wednesday 17th October), will further explain 1 to 1 learning. A number of this year’s grade 5 students will each present an app that they have found useful to engage, enhance and support their learning in 2012.

So Grade 4s…Can you describe 5 things that excite you about using iPads in Grade 5 in 2013?