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BTN (Behind The News) – Parliament House

Click on the link above to view the BtN story ‘Parliament House’. Once you’ve watched the story you need to answer the comprehension questions in your Language book.

  • Don’t forget to proof read and edit your writing.
Discussion Questions
1. Where in Australia is Parliament House?
2. The House of Representatives is also known as the ________ house.
3. Apart from federal members who else can sit in the House of Representatives?
4. Describe the purpose of Question Time.
5. What does it mean when the speaker says ‘order’?
6. How many senators are there in the Senate?
a. 56
b. 76
c. 106
7. What happens in the Prime Minister’s sitting room?
8. How much does the flag on top of Parliament House weigh?
9. Describe what the Parliament House building is designed to look like.
10. Can you name two past Australian Prime Ministers?

Homework Task

 You have two weeks to complete this task.

Due Friday November 17th

The intention of this homework task is to prepare a 2 – 3 minute prepared talk to give to your class.

Your talk must be informative, well researched, carefully prepared using palm cards and include a practice recording of your speech on your iPad.

You will share your recording with a family member before delivering to the class.

Your topic will be one that interests you in the following leadership timeline. To research you will need to use a number of resources to inform you.

Leadership Timeline

Scroll along the timeline and find an event to investigate.  The picture above is a screen capture from the timeline. I have used this as an example of an event you may wish to investigate further. You will be ‘publishing’ an entry for our class timeline. It will be on an A4 piece of cover paper and form part of a banner for the classroom. Choose something that is of interest to you and be prepared to ‘tell’ not read about your chosen event to the grade. Your iPad is to be used for research not publishing. You may need to visit other sites to gather more information about your event.

Your heading needs to include the date.

Local Paper, Local Issues

The local paper is one of the main methods by which local council and local issues are communicated to residents. Today you are going to look through a recent edition of the Diamond Valley Leader, and locate any articles that discuss local government issues.

Step One
Once you have located an article that discusses local government or local government issues, take a photo of the article using your iPad.

Step Two
For each article you photograph, place into a drawing app and highlight the main issue and any reference to local council.

Local Government Research Task

 You have new neighbours living next door and they are completely new to the area. They have asked you for assistance and it is your job to come up with all the essential information they need for your area. Your new neighbours the Bryce family are a family of 6, Mum Sally (who is pregnant with a baby due soon) and Dad Larry, 13 year old Frank, 8 year old Mya, 4 year old Gus and Grandma Zinia.

Your local council is responsible for many of the services that the Bryce family will need. These services may include rubbish collection, kindergartens, senior-citizen services etc. Using the website of your local council, collect all the information you can for the Bryce family.

3 Levels of Government Literacy Activity

As part of our focus this week on the three levels of Government you need to read and respond to these two activities into your language book.

TASK 1: Read the information on the activity linked below. After reading the information you need to answer the class discussion questions on the final page.

3 Levels of Government Task 1

TASK 2: Read each of the Government responsibilities and choose which level of Government is responsible for each.

3 Levels Final Activity

BTN (Behind The News) – Levels of Government

Click on the link above to view the BtN story ‘Levels of Government’. Once you have watched the film you need to answer the following comprehension questions in your language book. Remember to proof read and edit your work to check for correct spelling, punctuation and grammar!

1. What are the three levels of government in Australia?
2. What is the federal government responsible for? Give three
3. State government is responsible for…
4. What does local government look after?
5. Before federation the states governed themselves. True or false?
6. When and why were local governments introduced?
7. What happens when local, state and federal governments
8. Why do you think we need three levels of government in Australia?

BTN (Behind The News) – Young Leaders

Task 1 – Answer the following questions in your reading books-

  1. Who were some of the leaders mentioned by the young students?
  2. What qualities make a good leader? ( can you find all of them? this is where the students were talking to the camera)
  3. Why do you think different leaders lead in different ways?

Task 2 –
In the second half of this BTN the students discuss an issue that they feel passionate about. Choose an issue that you feel strongly about and in a brief movie, describe this issue, why it is of interest to you and what is something you think could be done to help this issue/problem.

Good Citizens

Citizens of Australia have freedoms such as the freedom of speech and religion. We also have rights such as the right to vote, and to move freely from place to place. With these rights also come responsibilities.

EG: Freedom (To move from place to place) -> Rights (To ride a bike) -> Responsibility (To wear a safety helmet.

What do you think are freedoms, rights and responsibilities of a good citizen?

Come up with as many examples of each that you can think of.

Create a table in your language book with THREE columns. One column each for freedoms, rights and responsibilities. Put your responses into the table.

BTN (Behind The News) – What is Democracy?

Before you view this BtN story you need to write what you already understand about democracy. Following that you will need to watch the BtN story ‘What is Democracy?’ and complete the following comprehension questions.

1. Before you watch the BtN story, record what you know about democracy.
2. What happened in ancient Greece that led to people wanting a say in decision making?
3. The word `democracy’ comes from which two words?
4. Monarchies became popular in the Middle Ages. Explain what a monarchy is.
5. Why was Magna Carta an important document?
6. In Australia we have something called a ________________ democracy.
7. Who represents us in parliament?
8. What are the values that form the basis of democracy in Australia?
9. Give an example of another form of government.
10. What do you understand more clearly about democracy?

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