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Literature Circles – Book Review

To conclude our Literature Circles sessions for the term you are going to to write a review of your book. You need to include; your book’s title, author, a summary of the story (don’t give away the ending!), and a rating out of five. Your summary should include – where the story is set, who are some of the main characters and what is the complication in the story.

You need to draft and proof read and edit your review in your Literature Circles book. When you have completed your drafting and editing you need to show the teacher before you publish it using the Pages app on your iPad. You should read through your summaries in your workbook to help you write your review!

I Wish I’d Gone to the Moon with Neil Armstrong…

I Wish I’d Gone to the Moon with Neil Armstrong…

Using the ‘linked people’ template- rule around the shape in your Inquiry Book. Dedicate a double page spread to people connected to space and space discoveries.

Your first mini ‘bio’ (biography) will be dedicated to Neil Armstrong. Trace around the person shape and turn it into an image of Neil Armstrong.

After the teacher has read the picture story book ‘I Wish I’d Gone to the Moon with Neil Armstrong’ you have some idea who Neil is.

Continue your investigation into Neil Armstrong to see what else you can discover about this amazing man. Write his ‘bio’  beside his template picture.

Visit more than one site to collect your information.

NASA Sun Announcement Activity

Read the story and answer these questions in your language book.

i. Where is the Parker Solar Probe traveling to?

ii. Why has it taken so long to send this mission?

iii. How close to the sun will the probe travel?

iv. How hot will it get?

v. What will protect the probe?

vi. What do the scientists want to learn from the mission?

Partial Lunar Eclipse (Herald Sun) Reading Activity

Activity 1. Eclipse excitement

After reading the article about the partial lunar eclipse, answer the following questions in as much detail as possible and in your own words in your language book. PROOF READ & EDIT when completed.

• When did the partial eclipse occur?

• Which countries could see the eclipse?

How much of the moon was obscured?

• When does an eclipse occur?

• When do we get to see the eclipse?

• How long does the eclipse last?

Literacy Task: Jupiter

View each of the images, below, displaying information about ‘Orbits’. Read all of the information and answer the following comprehension questions.

Complete the following comprehension questions into your Language books.

  1. Why do you think no humans have visited Jupiter?
  2. Why do you think the Galilean moons were the first to be discovered?
  3. True or False – Jupiter, like Saturn, also has rings? Give an explanation for your answer.
  4. Which two gases make up Jupiter? As a result of these two gases, what is Jupiter called?
  5. Explain why you believe that Jupiter is colder than Earth.

Literacy Task: First Moon Landing

Image courtesy of: NASA

Research Task: First Moon Landing

For this task you need to research the first landing on the Moon.

You need to present you findings in a school app of your choice. You need to research WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW and WHY.

Remember you only have one session to both research and present your findings so you need to be focused and work hard to complete the task!

Literacy Activity: Thesaurus

A thesaurus is a dictionary of synonyms and antonyms.

Look up these words and write FOUR synonyms for each of the following words. For each of these words also find and list ONE antonym.

Complete in your English book.

pale, impossible, final, cheap, proper, get, select, sudden, behaviour, danger

BTN (Behind The News) – Mars Mission

Click on the link above to view the BtN story ‘Mars Mission’. Once you have watched the film you can answer the following comprehension questions in your language book.

1. Which planet in our Solar System is the most like Earth?

2. What is Curiosity?
3. How much did it cost to get Curiosity on Mars?
4. What is Curiosity’s job?
5. Describe some of the challenges of landing a roving robot on Mars.
6. How long did it take to get from Earth to Mars?
7. Do you think there’s life on Mars? Explain your answer.
8. Do you think people will be living on Mars one day? Give reasons for your response.
9. Complete the one of the following sentences: I think it’s important to investigate other planets because…
I don’t think it’s important to investigate other planets because…
10. What do the letters N.A.S.A. stand for?

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