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Recommend to a Friend – Guest Author


If I had to recommend a book to a friend it would definitely be Breaking Pointe by ABC Books! Dance Academy Breaking Pointe is funny and full of drama. If you like the TV series Dance Academy then you will like Dance Academy Breaking Pointe.

What is Dance Academy Breaking Pointe about? It is second year in Dance Academy and this story is from Kat’s perspective Kat tells you how she got kicked out of the National Academy of Dance and how she has to go to Boarding School. She is determined to make new friends and find her place at her new school. Will Kat get bck into the National Academy of Dance? Find out!

I would rate this book 4.5 out of 5 stars!

By Trishy

The Great Book Swap

Next Wednesday (September 4th) we will be having our ‘Great Book Swap’ here at school. All you need to do is bring in an old book that you no longer read, that is in good condition, with a gold coin donation and you will be able to choose a book to swap it with.

Remember tomorrow (Wednesday August 28th) is the last day for collection of books!

Thank-you to the following 5S students who have already contributed.

Trishy, Jayde, Thomas, Chloe, Abby, Harrison and Talissa

Premiers Reading Challenge 2013

Congratulations to the following 5S students who have already completed this year’s Premiers Reading Challenge.

Trishy, Jayde, James, Jackson, Isabel, Chelsea, Charlotte, Jack J, Harrison, Elise, Talissa, Grace and Jessica

Well done everyone! A fantastic reading effort! Keep it up!

Mr Smith

Recommend to a Friend – Guest Author

Guest Author: Elise

If I had to recommend a book to a friend I would choose Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. It didn’t seem like that great a book when I first saw it but it has proven that it is a really good book! It has a lot of detail and it is exciting, mysterious and unpredictable. Its much more fun than the movie.

The book is about a boy who’s parents were wizards but they died when the boy was young. The boy thinks he is a normal boy until he gets a letter from Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry and he learns to then become a wizard.

I think it is an awesome book with heaps of adventures and it’s jam packed with excitment.

I rate it 4.5 out of 5.

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Recommend to a Friend

Often students complain that they don’t have a book to read, or that they don’t know any good novels or chapter books to read. I thought we could start “Recommend to a friend” where every few days we have a guest author (a student!) write a post on the blog recommending a book to the grade that they have enjoyed.

Enjoying what you read is really important! If I’m not enjoying a book, then often I don’t finish it. I aim to find a different book that I will enjoy. When you enjoy what you reading, it encourages you to continue to read AND to read nightly! We recommend that you read 30 minutes every night in grade five – and record in your Reading Diary App.

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Each post must include:

* An image of the book (referenced of course)

* A SUMMARY of what the book is about (not giving away any crucial information) – be sure to include genre

* Reasons WHY you would recommend it to a friend

* A star rating out of 5 stars


Reading in 5S

This year in 5S we’ve really enjoyed reading our serial class texts. We’ve read ‘Staying Alive in Year 5’ by John Marsden, ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ by Roald Dahl and we’re currently reading another Roald Dahl book ‘The Twits’. I wonder what we will read next?

What books have you been reading? What are your favourite books? Who are your favourite authors?