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BTN (Behind The News) – Governor General

BTN (Behind The News)

Click on the link below and watch the video on the role of the Governor General then answer the questions into your workbook. Remember to write the question and the answer or the question in the answer.

Screen shot 2014-03-31 at 10.46.30 AM

1. When did Quentin Bryce become Governor General?

2. Who is our new Governor General? What was his previous occupation?

3. Who does the Governor General represent?

4. Name three official responsibilities of the Governor General? What are some of the other roles that the Governor General does?

5. When was the only time that a Governor General has exercised the power to replace a Prime Minister? Who was the Governor General?

6. What are some of the perks of the Governor General’s role?

Would you like to be a future Australian Governor General? Why/Why Not?

Research Questions: How many Governors General has Australia had? Who was the first? Who were the Governors General in your lifetime? Don’t forget to include the years they were Governor General.

Campaign Kick Off!

In August 2010, Behind the News reported on the persuasive devices used in politics to encourage Australians to vote for their idea. This week grade 5 students will do just that!

By watching this report, I hope it helps your group create a crafty and persuasive campaign to encourage other grade 5 students to vote for your team’s idea to develop or improve an area of our school.

To have the best chance of success, your team will also want to consider having the following the support their campaign:

  • Political Party Name

  • Party Slogan

  • Persuasive Speech

  • Print media (posters and flyers)

  • Badges

  • Commercials

  • Debate

  • How to Vote cards (with preference deals with other groups)

Grade 5 Leadership Conference

As part of our preparation for Grade 6 and our voting for the 2013 School Leaders, we held a Leadership Conference on the afternoon of Wednesday October 31st. We had three guest speakers who all hold leadership positions in our local community. Each spoke to the grade 5’s about their own personal experiences as leaders as well as giving the students insight into different types of leadership as well as the challenges and opportunities that face leaders.

The grade 5 teachers hope that all students enjoyed the afternoon and also learned some more about how to be effective leaders. To complete our Leadership Conference it would be great to hear from the students about what they enjoyed and what they learned on the afternoon. Students can provide these through commenting on this post.

Special thanks to Hannah, Shawn and Mr Reeve, our school principal, on providing such interesting and informative presentations to the students.

Welcome Back 5S

Welcome back to school for term four everyone!

It’s going to be a big term in Grade 5 with a lot of fantastic things to be done and to learn about. Our inquiry unit for this term is Social Harmony, focusing on leadership and the Australian Political System.

We are also involved in the Global Read Aloud where we are reading the text ‘The One and Only Ivan’. Also this term we re-commence our Summer Sports for inter-school sport.

It’s going to be a fantastic term in Grade 5!