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Sport Report

Apollo Sports Report 2019

This is the new way we will do sports reports this year. It is not much different to past years but we need to streamline the process.

The aim is to keep the student voice but reduce the unnecessary information.

Sports captains will introduce the group of reporters. They will say who each team played and introduce the first reporter.

All students will show their reports to the sports captains on Mondays at 12.45, room 12/13.

Captains will check to see that the reporter has followed the correct format.

 Here is a sample report. Say your name, say the score, mention one or two players.


Hello I am _______


I played basketball for the rockets. The score was


22 to 3 in our favour.


___name_______ played a determined game and shot 15 points.

___name_______ was great at encouraging the team during the game.



Don’t say!!!:

  • Good morning to parents teachers and students.
  • Scores ended up to be;
  • I was chosen to be captain;
  • The date or team we played;
  • Sports awards will be handed out at a later date.

Do say:

  • Who played well and why you think that.
  • Say each word clearly –I played SOFTBALL for the Comets.
  • The score (or say we won or lost by a large margin.)

Other points:

PRACTICE your speech!!!!!


Show your speech to the sports captains on Mondays.


We are looking at how e-Learning student leaders might play a role as well. Eg. They might put a photo of the team up on the screen as the captain speaks. It might be a good visual for the younger students. We would all need to take a photo of our teams before the first game.

Welcome Back 5S

Welcome back to school for term four everyone!

It’s going to be a big term in Grade 5 with a lot of fantastic things to be done and to learn about. Our inquiry unit for this term is Social Harmony, focusing on leadership and the Australian Political System.

We are also involved in the Global Read Aloud where we are reading the text ‘The One and Only Ivan’. Also this term we re-commence our Summer Sports for inter-school sport.

It’s going to be a fantastic term in Grade 5!

Football State Finals

On Wednesday August 29th the Apollo Comets Football team competed in the State Football finals.

The team played two games against Murrumbeena PS and Horsham West PS. They unfortunately lost to Murrumbeena by 4 points before defeating Horsham West by 30 points. As a result the team finished second overall in the state and were awarded a silver medal.

Congratulations to all the boys who competed.