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BTN (Behind The News) – Resilience

Students need to view this BTN story and complete the following questions into their English books.

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 8.58.15 am
Discuss the BtN story with your reading group. Share the main ideas of your discussion by writing dot points in your English book.
Define the term “Resilience” You may need to research the answer.
In your English books, answer the following questions in complete sentences.
  1. How many students were surveyed?
  2. What did the results show?
  3. What are the reasons some people may feel stressed, anxious or worried?
  4. What are some of the physical symptoms of stress?
  5. How do some students deal with stress?

Early finishers can click on the link on the BTN page to the Kids Helpline information about ‘Being Resilient’ to read some further information.

BTN (Behind The News) – Fresh Faced Friday

Click on the link below and view the BTN story. Once you’ve watched the story you need to answer the questions below in your English book.

Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 9.22.15 pm
1. Describe Brooke’s approach to life?
2. What does Brooke say gave her resilience?
3. What is Fresh Faced Friday?
4. Why is Brooke passionate about the issue of body image?
5. How did she get the Fresh Faced Friday campaign started?
6. What do you think makes a person unique?
7. What factors do you think affect a person’s body image?
8. What do you understand more clearly since watching this story?
9. What else do you think can be done to help encourage positive body image in young people?

BTN (Behind The News) – Bottled Water

View this BTN story on Bottled Water and answer the questions below in your English books. You will need to write both the question and the answer when completing the task. Remember to click on the link to view the page.

Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 8.45.34 pm


1. Write a brief outline of the BtN bottled water story.
2. Why do people drink bottled water?
3. Where does most of the water we buy in Australia come from?
4. Why do you think some farmers started selling water?
5. What do opponents of bottled water want to happen?
6. Why are they against bottled water?
7. What are some advantages of tap water?
8. When is it essential to drink bottled water?
9. What do water bottlers say about the environmental concerns?
10. What do you think should happen next?

BTN (Behind The News) – Bottled Water

Click on the link below to watch the story “Bottled Water”. Then complete the below task in your workbook.

1. Now you have watched the story you need to think of five arguments in favour of banning bottled water. Each argument only needs to be one-two sentences long. You can use some of the arguments mentioned in the story.

2. Next you need to to organise your five arguments into order from strongest to weakest. You can number each argument.

3. Now you need to provide some evidence to support your three strongest arguments. Remember the evidence is provided in the story. Your evidence should be FACTS.