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Biography Writing

Now that you are close to completing your research of your chosen leader it is time to begin to write their biography.

Using the sample below as a guide you can begin writing using all of your research to support you.


  • The introduction introduces your topic
  • A biography is chronological
  • You need to include many details of your person’s life to explain how they worked towards their significant achievements
  • Your conclusion explains what your leader is doing now OR what they are remembered for
  • Make your writing interesting (include adjectives)
  • Remember to proof-read and edit your writing for correct spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Quality Work!

Bio Sample

Holiday Homework

As part of our term four Writing curriculum we will need all the students to collect some items from their holidays to use to assist their writing.

Items can include:

Digital and/or printed photos, movie tickets, holiday souvenirs, pamphlets, brochures etc

Best wishes to all the students in 5S and I hope they all have a happy and safe holiday break.

Mr Smith…